I hope you are well.  We had another successful trip on the 15th October, 2016!  I can't believe its been over a week since the trip.

Angie was great as always!  We will have her again next year!  We ended up visiting all the outlets on our itinerary plus two extras.  The first outlet which I haven't been to before was GREAT!  I loved it.  I would definitely go back there again next year.

Auroma was fantastic as well as the other usuals.  Lunch was great, food beautiful and plenty of it.

The bus driver was great.  There was no problem to get where we were going!

When you have a chance I would love a break down on what we spent at each outlet to help with planning next years trip.  Can you also let me know when I can expect the cheque for the school so I can let them know?

Thanks again to you and your company on another successful fundraiser for our school, looking forward to planning next year already!


Julie - Mulgrave Primary School,