Hi Peter. Just thought I'd forward a couple of the staff comments to you that I've received on the Go Get Around Progressive Dinner. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the night. Thanks for all your help with the arrangements. Comments... Terrific evening, both mat and myself enjoyed ourselves 🙂 and the host was a laugh! Good value for money! It was a great night and the host was very good – he was a lot of fun and made it easy for everyone to relax and mix. Food was good and company even better. Shane and I had a great night. No complaints, Rod was nice company and had good conversation, hospitality at the dinner. Timing for the bus at each venue was perfect with no waiting outside, very well-organised. Thanks for all your efforts, Victoria, to make it a very special Christmas celebration. Saturday night was great and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone or do it again, Victoria Bamford

Victoria Bamford,